30 June 2013

on wordpress

So get thee to melindaisnot.com and follow along there. Please and thank you.


28 June 2013

finding the hansons

It's another 'flashback Friday' on the blog, and I've been searching for the Hanson brothers.

Not these Hanson Brothers:
There was an excellent article about Isaac, Taylor, and Zac on yesterday's WSJ blog. Now purveyors of coffee, chocolates, and beer, the Hansons still have a sense of humor (always appealing), and seem to be all grown up and doing quite well for themselves and others. Curious as to how my 'flashback' included the brothers? Don't ask. Really. But all fingers point to The Husband. And apologies for the 'mmmbop' earworm.

More of my 'flashbacks' from this week:

Seth Godin :: 'Fearlessness is not the same as the absence of fear'

Amanda Neville @ Forbes :: 'How Forgiveness Can Save Your Business'

With a Wimbledon nod, Tom Perotta in the WSJ :: 'Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Tennis Pros'

A Cup of Jo :: 'What British People Say v What They Really Mean'

Continuing the 'triple-m' theme, mmminimal :: 'Toboggan Chair'

Massive nerd-out at the Design Museum 'Designs of the Year 2013' awards

And lastly, a purchase-of-the-week 'flashback':
find it at Farfetch.com


27 June 2013

a treblemaker

I've been on a bit of a music binge recently, downloading everything from London Grammar to the Punch Brothers to Daft Punk. What keeps coming up on shuffle, however, is the ebullient soundtrack from the 2012 movie 'Pitch Perfect'.

I know. But have you seen it? Here's a tease:


The entire cast rocks. ('Aca-believe it!') Something about Skylar Astin reminds me of the amazing actor/artist/performer Mandy Patinkin. And Rebel Wilson, what? Adore her. I've decided to watch her entire filmography this weekend.

So, what say you? Are you a 'treblemaker'?

And what have you been listening to?
Do you download more music in the summertime, like me?


26 June 2013

perfect grammar

Just discovered this band and am entranced. A lot has been written about them recently. If you're interested, a quick search will reveal what the critics and nodding heads have to say. (Apparently, they're pretty excited.)

Scroll down for a link to the band site; you can find tour dates, et al there. By the way, their new album - 'Metal and Dust' - is out now. Enjoy.