14 June 2013

feeling it toady

For the record, I am not feeling sycophantic; it's supposed to say 'today'. I frequently mistype that word. I think it has something to do with my latent ocd which compels me to put everything into alphabetical order. I do it without thinking - and sometimes without noticing.

I learned a valuable lesson from Brian Gill: 'put the notecards away'. Life is not on your notecards. It cannot be written down and ordered and examined and used at a later date to jar your memory when you are in front of an audience. That doesn't come across well. It will look contrived. It was fine when you were in 7th grade and giving that speech on Marie Antoinette. But not now. You're a grown up.

So put the notecards away. And get a portfolio to hold your ideas instead. Preferably a shiny, black portfolio. That looks really professional.

Or start another blog.

Just try to keep at it this time.



  1. Funny and interesting. How different it might read with an accidental (vs. occidental) comma...Enjoyed.

  2. I found this difficult to read...not because of content, but the small light text. Is it just my ipad..or maybe my eyespad

  3. @ Jason: My first comment! Glad you enjoyed; thanks for reading. MK

    @ Anonymous: That 'courier' font wasn't my favorite either. I've tweaked it a bit; do let me know what you think. MK